About Us

Welcome to Avenue Born!

Avenue Born offers a collection of urban lifestyle clothing designed by our team in New York. We pride ourselves in being a pioneering clothing brand bringing new ideas to the market and offering customers new designer clothing to make them look stylish and cool for an affordable price. 

Our Story

What started out as a few friends in NYC designing their own clothing for fun has turned into a new clothing brand that you see developing today. Apart from designing for personal amusement, we, like many of our customers, were not too fond of having to pay huge amounts of money for designer hoodies and sweatshirts, and were attracted by the idea of developing our own designs and printing them on apparel pieces. Not so long after wearing a few of our designs and receiving complements for high quality and expensive looks, we realized that the market for people looking to buy high quality designer looking clothing for acceptable prices was undeserved, and we therefore felt obligated to take our ideas and designs and share them with anyone who felt the same way as us, leading to creation of a brand new clothing brand that you see here today. 

Our Team