Avenue Born - Your Go-To Shop For Today’s Hottest Streetwear

When you hear the words “urban wear”, “streetwear”, and “designer fashion”, the first place that comes to mind is New York City. New York is the center of all things urban and high design. But urban clothing or streetwear often looks cheap and high design implies high prices. Avenue Born, based in NYC, solves both of these problems by offering high quality street fashion at affordable prices.

What is Avenue Born?

Avenue Born is the newest - and hottest - designer streetwear shop, offering you fresh styles at affordable prices. There’s no longer any need to have to choose between low quality urban clothing or less-than-stylish high quality designer clothes. Avenue Born offers the best of both worlds. They offer clothing for both men and women, as well as accessories.


Avenue Born offers a variety of clothing options. Both men and women can currently choose from hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, polos, and graphic tees. Tanks will be available in the future, for both men and women, and leggings will become available for women.

The hoodies, sweatshirts, tees, and polos follow the same minimalistic yet eye-catching designs. They follow two designs; sharp shapes and fits paired with either the name of the brand, Avenue Born, prominently displayed, or with the brand’s logo tastefully placed in the upper left chest area. Everything from the shape and fit of the clothing, to the designs, creates streetwear that is simple but stylish.

As for the graphic tees, they are also made with the same fashionable fit, yet offer many different designs ranging from nerdy chic to comedically quirky to artsy designs.


If you’re into the latest urban fashion accessories, Avenue Born can supply you with the hottest bags, hats, and phone cases. Just like with the clothing, the hats and phone cases sport the either the brand’s name or logo, and the bags display different graphic designs that match the graphic tees.

Avenue Born offers high quality street fashion at affordable prices, straight out of New York City, AKA the world’s most fashionable city. There is no better place to find quality designer clothes, with urban styles, than in NYC, and at Avenue Born.